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Car breakdowns happen.

But with ForeverCar, they don’t have to be a hassle. We provide the tools you need to sell high-quality vehicle subscription service plans to your own customers, delivering peace of mind for them and a competitive advantage for you.


Create a recurring revenue stream

Improve customer satisfaction and retention

Innovate without upfront investments

Customize coverage around your business’ needs

Gain data-driven insights into customer behavior

A product poised for growth

Aging cars, more vehicles on the road and consumer demand will create significantly more opportunity for auto service plan providers by 2024, according to Colonnade Advisors’ recent VSC Industry Commentary. The advisory firm recognized ForeverCar as one of the firms ready to shake up the industry.

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Join these brands on the edge of innovation

These trailblazers are zooming ahead. ForeverCar partners with auto insurers, lenders, global professional services firms, digital auto sales, repair businesses and companies with ride-share fleets to offer third-party car repair plans that keep them and their customers moving.

“Carvana cares deeply about delivering incredible customer experiences, and in Forevercar we found a partner that shares this focus and technology-driven approach. They have been a collaborative partner in bringing products to market in a customized manner.”

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Andy Lesko

Director of Ancillary Products

The ForeverCar mission fits well with our mission of helping our customers achieve financial security. We value their expertise in creating a great experience for our customers.

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Nick Rohan

Senior Product Manager
CUNA Mutual Group



All-in-one digital platform

As a strategic partner for car businesses, we’ve developed a complete solution that takes the guesswork out of selling extended service plans at scale. Use only the components you need, or unleash its full power — we just need your logo and your customer list.



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