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ForeverCar was born out of necessity - while it might seem intuitive to utilize modern technology to find the products and services you want; this has not been adopted by the vehicle protection industry. The old school approach of opaque and borderline predatory selling tactics have given the vehicle protection space a well deserved black eye. This customer experience has opened the door for innovation and disruption; both of which favor a customer-centric experience.

Enter ForeverCar - a modern, transparent, customer-centric business focused on providing customers with the best in class vehicle protection on their own terms. ForeverCar was first to market with digital quoting and our recommendation engine in addition to our true monthly subscription product offering. Aligning the right protection with the needs of the customer is our mission and the flexibility of a monthly subscription is the best way to guarantee all parties are aligned.

ForeverCar has built a large network of trusted partners to provide vehicle protection to their customers via an omni-channel approach utilizing modern platforms such as chat, text, digital, web, and e-mail. Our award winning platform is focused on the customer and our API technology makes integrations easy. ForeverCar has changed the way vehicle protection is consumed and made the experience digital, modern, and most importantly focused on the customer experience. While it takes a long time to change an industry it shouldn’t take forever...we’ve taken the first step by creating ForeverCar: Drive on.

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